listen to this, lovely song. no updates from me, i've testweek

Burnt beneath the rising sun

track: giving up the gun - vampire weekend

lady, where has your love gone?

track: no buses - arctic monkeys

love the picture of Vanessa Paradis for chanel coco rouge. a beautiful lipstick for the summer! the lipstick is improved with new ingredients. it costs around the $30. maybe i'm going to buy one, i hate the sticky lipglosses. the colour is even better with a lipstick. but now i'm out of money, so i've to wait. ciao

one more coffee

track: corinne baily rae - paris nights/new york mornings

the weekend is over, tommorow school.. here is a lovely track for the last hours of your sunday.
ciao, o and watch the video!

Start all over

Hello everyone,
I decided to deleted everything on blog after 2,5 years
because I really like to blog but I didn't love my blog anymore.
So a new beginning for my blog.
I'm going to share my taste of fashion and music and more but
especially fashion and music the two things i love the most.



hello this is the start for blogging for me.